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“Flavor, flavor, flavor. It’s all about flavor. Obviously you eat with your eyes, but at the end of the day it’s all about taste and soulfulness” – Michael White

Paranza offers a profound blend of elements to create a harmonious experience that feels both approachable and unforgettable.


Perfectly crusted strawberry grouper in freshly baked brioche, complemented by the delightful sweetness of cipollini fennel and an aromatic saffron brodetto.


Our Linguine features a blend of squid ink, mixed seafood, Calabrian chili paste, and breadcrumbs for added texture. A flavorful Italian coastal dish with a touch of spice.


Delight in the tenderness of lightly cooked king salmon, perfectly balanced on a bed of baby spinach and drizzled in olivada prosciutto broth.

Pesce Spada

Savor the tender, smoky swordfish paired with a sweet and tangy Sicilian caponata. Refreshing zucchini salsa and pepe uva add vibrancy. 


Tender local conch shines in our Scungilli, paired with zesty green apple acqua pazza verde for a bright, tangy twist.

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